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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

City Fathers, or is That 'Mithers?'

Leave it to a painter (me) to title a painting of two old familiars in Aberdeen’s town centre “City Fathers”……I’ve just learned that the Kirk of St Nicholas is termed the “Mither Kirk” of the city………oy! Havn’t found anything on the incredibly twisted & gnarled ancient tree in the kirkyard as of this writing to give it feminine tendencies – if anyone does, well…..aye, I might want to know!! Ah well…..both fascinate me, and the strong contrast of the living thing, dark with damp bark and contorted in it’s complex growing pattern and the stark stone structure reaching up with gothic fingers to a blustery sky were an inspiration and challenge to paint. I didn’t manage to take time out to visit them this trip, as a variety of interesting things vied for my attention, including one of the Belmont Theatre’s offerings,“Stone of Destiny,” An entertaining way to absorb a bit of 20th Century Scots history!

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