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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blogging, Guilt & Touring Scotland

For those of us born with an excessive sense of responsibility in life, I've concluded blogs were created as a special kind of torture! Yet something else to compete with precious time for living a creative life.....ah well, think more cohesively, type faster, & get on with it!!

Just returned from 20 action-packed days in the north of Scotland, it's been a great 'shot in the arm' for inspiration & good spirits. I'm now ready to dig in & finish that big Pennan harbourscape that's been getting the best of me, and pursue my pet project: market & exhibit my work in Scotland in a series of 3 exhibitions to help support TMSA, the Traditional Music & Song Association of Scotland in their work preserving and nurturing Scottish musical culture. More on that shortly.

The trip held many wonderful things for me, & a major highlight was a week of adventure exploring the Black Isle and out to the coast to Plockton, & around Skye with my entertaining companion, fellow painter & musician Ian Logan of Cults. Not nearly enough actual creating was accomplished as it WAS October with it's turbulent weather, but the breathtaking scenery, entertaining local citizenry, & interesting places made up in spades for lack of painting production! I did manage a few quick doodles here & there, & Ian actually got full drawings laid out for later watercolour paintings.

It was impossible to re-connect with all I'd hoped to see & speak with, in an effort to catch up with their interesting, busy lives since last I've been by...frustrating, yet deeply rewarding in what was accomplished. Already have a list going for a return trip.....blog or no blog.....!

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