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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art in the Flowers

Life in the art world: sometimes dull, sometimes desperate. Often challenging & experienceful! Through an amazing series of miracles & a dedicated friend and fellow-artist, I flew to Scotland, exhibiting work Sept. 9-21st as part of Aberdeenshire's Northeast Open Studios event with Ian Logan at Flowers by Booth, a lovely venue in the upscale Deeside village of Cults. Such an adventure, on all levels! The exhibition space was brilliant. Our hosts Isla, Richard & Donna were unbeatable for making us feel welcome & at ease, & the visitors to the shop, whether to purchase flowers or view our exhibition, were interesting & entertaining. Definitely a great way to experience local culture, first-hand! I especially enjoy the looks on local residents' faces as they listen to me describe my work & try to connect the American accent with the Scottish artwork on the walls...! The support & encouragement we received from appreciative visitors was remarkable. I am asked regularly "why in the world I keep coming back to Scotland"....for me, there's just no question: great people, wonderful support for artists & musicians, & the fruit scones are wonderful!