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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growing Pains

I can't in all honesty tell anyone I LIKE the creative process of building a presence in the online world - be it presenting my work personally on this time-sucking entity called the web and all it's 'necessary' chores of seemingly endless writing, editing, revamping, etc.  There, I'm done wingeing for today - check back tomorrow for more descriptive comments!!  All I did was hit a simple button to check out the new templates page in Blogger, and 2 1/2 hours later, have finally got the blog back to looking something near what I will allow others to view again - phew!  At one point, it appeared that the whole blog had vanished into the ether....maybe I should have gotten the hint and stopped there.....??

New Venues
  I appreciate the owners of two coffeehouses 5,000 miles apart who are now hosting my work:
  • Rose and Sihead of newly opened Cafe Savini in the quaint Ross-shire market town of Dingwall in Scotland (I saw a great review on Trip Advisor - can't wait to visit!)
Enjoying the ambiance in a good coffee shop or tea room has got to be in the top ten of favourite activities on my list, and even MORE fun is hearing comments on my work as patrons express their impressions and reactions.....always a lift to hear I've made someone's day just a little bit brighter, or inspired some thought or action through the paintings.