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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Travelling Tips....

Hardware Store, Callander
What to do when time is limited on a Scotland or UK trip?  Jog, don't walk. Pretend you're training for (in my case) the senior division of a marathon back home.  Crisscross the landscape from event to destination and back again, and nap...on the train (darn, hate to miss even a BIT of scenery!)....on a park bench in the lovely autumn air with knapsack propping you at side, book stood up lap, & hat pulled low, so passers-by can't tell if you're snoozing or furthering your education.  And lastly, get food to go:  delicious scones with fruit (forego the butter....there's already enuf in them to sink a battleship); lovely hot cups of strong coffee & tea to warm the hands; the best bacon roll in the area from personal recommendations of locals...Scottish soul food!!

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