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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Painting Between the Lines

  Everpresent in our lives, lines do many things, both for and against us....fill in space when drawn side by side, mark out boundaries and edges, lead our eyes around the page where we want them to go.  I am dealing heavily with boundary lines these days, as I make decisions daily:  how long should I in good conscience leave the parents on their own today;  how much time do I have to do ____ before I'm needed at the house; how much energy do I have left for my own pursuits today?  Makes one value most minutes of the day, and be mindful how they're used.  The increased discipline is making it possible to slip a bit of drawing and painting in each week, so the end result is favorable!

"Gan 'Aim" oil on antique Scottish linen - $625 framed, $400 unfr

   "Gan 'Aim" is a special work to me.  Plockton Harbour on Scotland's NW coast is the place, visited in blustery October when the wind whips up 'dirty' storms instantaneously, and just as quickly everything drops to silence and calm.  A yachting and artist mecca in the high season, it's lovely and peaceful this time of year, with all but the hardy having 'gan aim,' and the fresh seafood in the local eateries is, well, absolutely the best!!

  This painting is done on antique Scottish linen sheeting purchased in Cromarty from a local Ross-shire estate, and gifted me by a fellow artist.  Amazingly tough is linen.  And an inspiration to feel the texture, observe the flaws and wonder at it's substance after decades of use.  A privilege indeed to bring shape and form of this beauty spot in Scotland to life as I painted on it.  Thank you, Ian!

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