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Friday, March 23, 2012


  A multi-faceted term is the word 'grounded'.  Describes this painter's current situation to a t.  The pondhopping bohemian lifestyle I thrive on screeched to a temporary halt late in 2010 due to elder parents' needs.  Felt like I was back in school, being punished and grounded for something I hadn't done. 

 And the 'impossible dream' I'd held for decades to have a place of my own to create and live has materialized.  My studio was flooded in July of last year, resulting in four months of tent camping in a friend's yard in Coeur d'Alene.  Got a bit nippy in Oct.!!   Desperation for winter housing led to talks with the parents, and an agreement was reached to renovate the 18'x24' barn on the property for a studio/living space. 

Work began 1 Oct, and I moved in mid-Nov.  Work has been done on weekends and evenings, and there's still a good deal to go, but even in it's unfinished state, it gives me a comforting sense of being 'home.!  Yet another form of grounding it is.....knowing there's somewhere I can return to from wherever I've been, and finally be at HOME.  Aye, I'd prefer it was near a beach somewhere in the Western Islands, but for now I'll be quite content for the wee pasture and lovely views here while I'm painting Scotland on my canvases!

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