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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cathedral Square Revisited

An unexpected treat came my way yesterday in the form of an entertaining slide show & energizing cuppa & conversation at Bella Rose, my favourite local caffeine source......friends Dorothy & Geoff, recently returned from a brisk winter's visit to Glasgow kindly shared pictures of the adventure.  An odd trance-like state set in for the day, with image after image of my own collection of purely Glaswegian experiences & perceptions arising thru the mists (aye, maybe it was the yoga class directly after!).  At any rate, a couple of Geoff's excellent shots of St. Mungo's, or Glasgow Cathedral reminded me of a brilliant afternoon spent exploring the massive edifice & surrounds (for a 360 degree view of the interior, click St. Mungo's....for history & info, click Glasgow Cathedral).  The atmosphere in these huge 'chambers of spirit' does my head in.   The sheer drama they create, both inside & out, by their existence upon the earth, rising hundreds of feet in the air & having been conceived, designed & constructed with such simple tools & equipment.....& the human factor of effort, labour, & struggle.....I am in eternal awe.  The painting you see here is a wee record of my visit - one of the small stained glass windows from the outside....being chosen as subject in contrast to everything else being so overwhelmingly BIG!


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