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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inspired Sorting

Just finished listening to 'The News Quiz,' a hilarious news satire show from the BBC. I'm so grateful for the benefit of sharp minds and quick wits of others for inspiration and a dash of insightful humour to brighten the day! The point of overwhelm is easy to reach in this busy, production-oriented life. I've been escaping lately by spending time reviewing and organizing photos – ditto with my fiddle music – wonder what's up with the sudden inspiration to reach beyond the normal level of 'it's here somewhere' handle on things?? Usually when I start getting things really organized, it's a signal that a trip is in the offing. Hmmm…….

At least the painting procedure hasn't followed suit…..I've currently three in progress, a large formal garden in Ross-shire, the ancient Plough Inn on the Black Isle, and a wee colour sketch of Plockton on the West Coast…..it's no fun unless there's several different scenes and sets of challenges to solve simultaneously……!!! The red sailboat just outside of North Kessock on the Black Isle was a joy to paint, recalling pleasant hours I've spent, both with my friends and on my own, on the twisty, scene-at-every-step road that hugs the Firth between North Kessock and Milton, two tiny 'bedroom communities' of Inverness, across the impressive span of the Kessock Bridge.

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