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Friday, January 9, 2009

Paintings in Transition

At last a break in this year’s extreme winter weather in Idaho. Time for sore snow-shovelling muscles to relax and brain muscles to pull together and refocus. Three paintings are in various stages of completion at the moment….the brushes are looking rested-up and ready for another go at pushing paint……has anyone read about the Bridgewater Collection in Edinburgh’s National Gallery? Twenty seven works in all, by Titian, Rembrandt, Poussin and Raphael to be dispersed and sold. Hopefully whatever happens they will remain within public access. My personal favourite is the National Portrait Gallery in the New Town, but there are many fabulous works in the National Galleries, and those in the Bridgewater Collection are breathtaking. It boggles the mind to consider the hurdles a painter must have had to overcome in order to create in past centuries. No sitting down and ordering supplies from your favourite art materials shop with a plastic card over a mobile phone!! Makes me feel a major wimp thinking of how frustrated I get when challenges such as part-time jobs, family duties and weak winter light get in my way! Back to the easel tomorrow morning, NO winging (that’s whining for you fellow north Americans!!).

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