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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bow & Brush Bridges to Scotland

A fine evening spent sitting in with local Celtic band Turning Tide has topped off a good day. It’s amazing how the music can both energize and soothe me simultaneously. I sorely miss the outstanding sessions and my friends in Stonehaven and Aberdeen, but Mel, Mo, Char and Dave are a deeply appreciated support in Coeur d’Alene and it’s a privilege to play with them. Music has been a great stabilizer in my life, providing focus, solace and entertainment for a lonely, isolated child. It’s been literally a lifesaving outlet ever since I began attempting to master an instrument. Although playing has been an integral part of life for many years, I’d not realized what a tangible barometer of my own mental well-being it is……and when a part of my daily schedule, the painting creativity is in turn stimulated like none other ... creativity fueling creativity.....interesting.....long may it continue!

The Brig O’ Dee is today’s contemplation on winter in Aberdeen - overcast, the air clear and cold, trees bare of leaves, and the grass ever-green and thriving. The history of the Bridge is long and colourful – I’ve walked it many times on foot alongside the present- day thundering traffic through all kinds of weather. Images of being wiped off the narrow walkway by an overextended vehicular appendage still loom large in memory. Not to mention the near-out-of-body experiences halfway across when a mini cooper full of young loons swoops by as they yell at the top of their lungs to make you jump, and then laugh hysterically, all eyes glued on you to see if you take leave of your senses completely and jump into the river.....
Possibly the 21st century equivalent to an early Scots peasant minding his/her own business just trying to cross in or out of the city in a peaceful manner amid carts and carriages! I left out the distracting metal framework of the cars and lorries to focus on the lovely colours of the ancient bridgework. A graceful scene, this,on solid ground, out of reach of the busy motorway, any time of year.

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